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COS Connection to Historic Pluto Flyby

Image courtesy of NASAWhen the New Horizons spacecraft passed within a mere 7,750 miles of Pluto on Tuesday, many at the University of Central Florida cheered for the historic flight and its leader, Alan Stern, Ph.D. Stern, whose advocacy, tenacity and some would say sheer bull-headedness are largely to credit for the selection and execution of NASA’s farthest-ever […]

Laser Researcher Receives Grant to Partner with 5 Universities

changThe University of Central Florida researcher who holds the world record for the shortest laser pulse ever produced has been awarded part of a Department of Defense grant with an international team to continue study on ultrafast lasers. Zenghu Chang, Ph.D, a distinguished professor of physics and optics who has appointments with both the College […]

UCF Leads State in Department of Defense Equipment Awards

changThe Defense University Research Instrumentation Program awarded Zenghu Chang, Ph.D. up to $252,000 for laser research. Chang, a distinguished professor of physics and optics at UCF, is one of three award recipients at UCF to receive an award from the program, which is the most among Florida universities. The award money will go toward purchasing […]

Physics Undergraduates Win Bronze at Physics Competition

Physics_CompetitionAfter 48 hours of analyzing and writing, three UCF physics majors showed the importance of research by winning the bronze medal in their participation of the fifth annual University Physics Competition. The team of Brandon Blue, Chris Tiller, and Dylan Bruce performed calculations on the orbital stability of planets and determined their conclusion based on […]

College of Sciences Continues Graduation Tradition

IMG_0428Spring 2015 graduates were treated to a post-ceremony reception jointly hosted by the UCF College of Sciences and its academic departments. The reception, which has been embraced as an end of semester tradition, was held in the UCF Psychology Building immediately following the commencement ceremony on May 8. Along with enjoying light refreshments and returning their rented regalia, […]

Introducing Our New COS Ph.D. Graduates

Graduation Cake resizedMay 8, 2015 the College of Sciences celebrated 17 new Ph.D’s at a special graduation reception. The event was held in the afternoon in the Physical Sciences building. Student’s family members and faculty advisers were in attendance. Associate Dean Teresa Dorman hosted a presentation that individually recognized each graduate with their faculty adviser and read a brief […]

A Whole New World of Research

Wheelchair with a seat lift allows Michael Lodge to see into electron microscope for research use.  Photos by Lauren Haar/UCFHigh-Tech Wheelchair Allows UCF Student to Reach Lab Equipment for First Time UCF doctoral student Michael Lodge uses a $1 million electron microscope to conduct groundbreaking research on graphene sheets the width of a single atom. But from the seat of his wheelchair, he’s never been able to see through the viewing port of the […]

College of Sciences Dean’s Awards

rising starLast year the university and the college started several new awards for research accomplishment. The COS Dean’s Distinguished Researcher and Rising Star Awards recognize the efforts of the most ‘research productive’ faculty and the outstanding value that they bring to their classroom teaching, as well as to the unambiguous value of the research mentorship that they […]

COS Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Promotion & Tenure resizedPromotion is a mark of accomplishment and a gratifying recognition from one’s peers. Because of their hard work and dedication, the following staff members have been promoted at UCF. Promotion to Professor Tosha Dupras, Anthropology Pedro Quintana-Ascencio, Biology Enrique del Barco, Physics Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Physics Michael Mousseau, Political Science   Promotion to Associate Professor and/or […]

COS Faculty Awarded for Excellence

COS BuildingThroughout the year, faculty members work incredibly hard to bring quality education to UCF. To reward their hard work, the university offers the incentive award programs. The intent of the award programs is to recognize and promote faculty excellence and productivity that respond to and support the mission of UCF. The UCF Teaching Incentive Program rewards […]

COS Outstanding Staff Excellence

scroll-200x450UCF has recently recognized five staff members for the College of Sciences Outstanding Staff Awards. Dani Draper from the psychology department, Nicholas Schenk from the political science department, David Bradford from the physics department, Luis Mena from the Nicholson School of Communication and Monika Crittenden from the physics department were all recognized. Each recipient was awarded […]

Graduate Student Research Wins Statewide Recognition

Statewide Graduate Research WinnersThis year’s winners from the UCF Graduate Research Forum continued on to compete in the Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium.  The event was held on April 24 and was hosted at UCF by the College of Graduate Studies, on behalf of the Florida Council of Deans. The event allowed students a chance to earn top honors in […]

Graduate Student Research Awards

Graduate Research Forum Group resizedThe Graduate Research Forum, held annually at UCF, is an opportunity for students to showcase their research and creative projects and to receive valuable feedback from faculty judges. The 2015 forum was held on March 31 and featured poster displays representing UCF’s diverse colleges and disciplines. Awards for best poster in each category were given and all participants […]

Undergraduate Research Excellence

Undergraduate Research AwardsThe Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) was held on April 2, 2015 as a part of 2015 Research Week at UCF.  SURE celebrates undergraduate research and creativity across the university curriculum. SURE is a poster or display based forum for UCF undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the broader university community.  Undergraduates […]

UCF Professor is Real Life ‘Doc Hollywood’

Doc HollywoodUCF physics professor and associate chair, Joshua Colwell, Ph.D., is being touted as UCF’s ‘Doc Hollywood’.  Colwell’s daughter Aylia is an actress, producer and director.  K.C. Colwell, his brother, is an assistant director, and Josh Colwell is an actor. He has appeared in Zapped (1982), Father of the Bride (1991) with Steve Martin, Must Love Dogs (2005), Lucky You (2007), […]

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