UCF Physics


    Campins, Humberto

  • Pegasus Professor
  • PSB 459
  • 407-823-0251
  • Humberto.Campins@ucf.edu
  • Dr. Campins. research area is astronomy. He studies comets, asteroids and other small bodies in the solar system using a variety of ground based, airborne and space based telescopes. This research is funded by ...Read More

    Chen, Bo

  • Assistant Professor
  • PSB 451
  • 407-823-4494
  • Bo.Chen@ucf.edu
  • Dr. Bo Chen’s research is on self-assembled structures by proteins. His research utilizes transmission electron microscopy, solid state NMR, molecular modeling and simulation to investigate the structure ...Read More

    Colwell, Joshua

  • Professor/Associate Chair
  • PSB 434 / PSB 444 and PSB 461 (lab)
  • 407-823-2012
  • jec@ucf.edu
  • Origin and evolution of the solar system and in particular small bodies such as planetary rings, asteroids, comets, dust, and small moons.

    Del Barco, Enrique

  • Associate Professor
  • PSB 452 / PS 109 & 418 (lab)
  • 407-823-0755
  • Delbarco@ucf.edu
  • Del Barco’s primary research interests are focused on the study of how the microscopic laws of physics –quantum mechanics– manifest themselves at a macroscopic scale. Nanoscale magnetic systems are excell...Read More

    Dove, Adrienne

  • Postdoctoral Associate
  • 407-823-3136
  • adrienne.dove@ucf.edu
  • Planetary sciences and dusty plasmas in the solar system. Microgravity and laboratory research on dusty plasmas, collisions, and planet formation.

    Harrington, Joseph

  • Professor
  • PSB 441 / PS 355 (lab)
  • 407-823-3416
  • jh@physics.ucf.edu
  • Planetary and exoplanetary atmospheres. Cometary impacts into atmospheres. Astronomical data analysis methodology. Infrared observing techniques.

    Ishigami, Masahiro

  • Assistant Professor
  • PSB 110/ PS 120 & 117 (lab)
  • 407-823-2325
  • Ishigami@ucf.edu
  • Transport measurements and atomic-resolution scanning probe microscopy to elucidate electronic properties of graphene and carbon nanotubes. Application of traditional surface science techniques to nanomaterials.

    Johnson, Michael D

  • Professor / Dean
  • CS 201
  • 407-823-1911
  • Michael.Johnson@ucf.edu
  • Mesoscopics, particularly high-current electron transport. Fractional quantum Hall effect, including edge properties, dots, and fractional statistics. Quantum dots: quantitative studies using density functional...Read More

    Khondaker, Saiful

  • Associate Professor
  • PVL 432
  • 407-864-5054
  • Saiful@ucf.edu
  • My research group is interested in the fabrication of nanoscale electrical and optical devices consisting of low dimensional chemical nanostructures such as nanoparticles, nanowires,  nanotubes, and molecules ...Read More

    Roldan Cuenya, Beatriz

  • Professor
  • Office PSB 308/ Labs PSB 103, MAP 148 and MAP 147
  • 407-823-1883
  • roldan@ucf.edu
  • Our group investigates structural, electronic, magnetic, vibrational, and chemical properties of size- and shape-selected nanostructures. These fundamental physical properties are of great importance to many a...Read More