UCF Physics

Planetary Sciences

The UCF Planetary Sciences Group uses spacecraft data, images from the world’s most powerful telescopes, meteorites and moon rocks, and supercomputer calculations to investigate fundamental questions like these:

How did our solar system form? What do the surfaces of other worlds tell us about their history? What happens when a comet hits a planet? What’s going on in the atmospheres of extrasolar planets? Are there any other planetary systems like ours? Are we alone?

The Planetary Sciences Group works closely with the Florida Space Institute to grow space research at UCF and throughout Florida.

The department offers a PhD track in Planetary Sciences, a BS specialization and minor in Astronomy, classes, research and employment opportunities at all levels, workshops, Robinson Observatory, astronomical software, planetary seminars, and much more.

Dr. E. Todd Bradley

Dr. Daniel Britt

Dr. Humberto Campins

Dr. Joshua Colwell

Dr. James Cooney

Dr. Yanga Fernandez

Dr. Joseph Harrington

Dr. Michele Montgomery

Dr. Csaba Palotai